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eNova MePrints Enhancements

Following feedback from arts researchers and input from the Research Offices at both University for the Creative Arts and the University of the Arts London, several enhancements to the MePrints plugin were made. This process is detailed in the eNova user feedback report which is available here: Please note that not all features could be enabled in the EPrints Bazaar package: (fill in if relevant)

This package was developed for the Visual Arts Data Service (VADS), a Research Centre of the University for the Creative Arts, in partnership with the University of the Arts London as part of the JISC funded eNova project (2011). More information is available here:

Reported issue: there is a problem with MePrints obscuring the simple search (which is also affecting the deposit workflow) in EPrints version 3.3.9.

Known issue: the original eNova designed package should not include the field 'Biography' however it is not possible to remove this from the Bazaar package. The recommended approach is to manually edit workflows to remove the 'Biography' field; this does require additional priviledges or preferably access to the server.

Dependencies: There are a couple of dependencies and a number of reasons why images may fail to be displayed including a failure to read the pdf, failure to create the thumbnails, etc. these can usually be solved by running scripts to redo the thumbnails or checking error logs for pdf read errors.