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Running EPrints in Amazon EC2

Currently we have 3 (AMIs) available:

  • EPrints Stable (e.g. eprints-3.2.manifest.xml)
  • EPrints Training (e.g. eprints-3.2-training.manifest.xml)
  • EPrints Nightly (e.g. eprints-nightly-build-6007.manifest.xml)

NOTE: These images are only available currently in the EU-West region

EPrints Stable

This image is a debian linux system with EPrints pre-installed but no archive set up, thus there is software but no web front end.

In order to set up an archive you will need to ssh into the machine (using your Amazon AWS key pair) and then set up the machine using the Setting up a Machine guide @ http://wiki.eprints.org/w/Installing_EPrints_3_via_apt_%28Debian/Ubuntu%29#Setting_up_a_Repository

EPrints Training & EPrints Nightly

This image is pre-configured to create an archive with front end and prepare it for the EPrints training exercises, once this machine is running you can simply browse to the public DNS address of the machine (listed in the Amazon EC2 console).

User Accounts

There are 3 user accounts set up on the training image: "admin", "editor" and "user". The password for all of them is "eprints". These user accounts have the levels of access which their username suggests.

Video Guide

A video guide on getting the Training AMI running can be found here http://files.eprints.org/583/, this also applies to the stable AMI except for the last bit where it gives you an archive.

Lots of other guides are available on how to get started with Amazon EC2 and remember it charges you per hour of usage, but not a lot.