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Report bugs

Oddly, we do like to hear about our mistakes. If you think you've found a bug then email either the eprints-tech mailing list or Chris directly at (send to the list if you feel it's useful for other people to know about it and discuss it).

Send all the information you have- what version of EPrints and instructions of how to recreate the problem. If you've figured it out, tell us how to fix it too!

Write How-to's

  • Done something new or unsual with EPrints?
  • Installed it on a new platform or in an unusual way?
  • Got annoyed figuring out how to do something, and wished there was a how-to?

Add a How-to to this wiki! It doesn't need to spend hours working on perfect layout and grammer (we can always fix that later). Put up useful information and step-by-step guides which you feel will help the next guy (or gal).

Hire EPrints Services!

We partly fund the development and support of the software through EPrints Services which may be hired for custom configurations, hosting and creating new features (such as those described on this page).

While EPrints will remain free software, we understand that different groups work in different ways. It's more economical for some to get us to add a new plugin or feature than to build it themselves. If so, great! Get in touch. Hiring EPrints Services benefits you, us (of course) and the entire community by supporting the project!