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Work in Progress
The page is a work in progress.

This page is yet to be written.

EPrints has two main searches simple and advanced.

Simple search

Simple search by default provides a single text field for users to enter their search terms to search across a selection of different attributes of a publication. Typically this simple search will be included on repository's home page or as part of the template so users can conduct a search from any page. The simple search form can be found at:


If you want to generate a pre-canned search the search terms are sent under the "q" parameter, e.g.

By default the publication attributes which are search over are:

  • title
  • abstract
  • creators_name - Names of the authors of the publication
  • documents - The full text of PDF and Word documents uploaded for the publication
  • date - The primary date associated with the publication, typically the publication date.

This set of attributes can be modified by copying EPRINTS_PATH/lib/defaultcfg_zero/cfg.d/ to EPRINTS_PATH/archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg/cfg.d/ and modifying the meta_fields section in the latter file. Other search options such as search results ordering, paging and formatting can also be modified, see for more details.

Advanced Search

To be written