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EPrints 3 Reference: Directory Structure - Metadata Fields - Repository Configuration - XML Config Files - XML Export Format - EPrints data structure - Core API - Data Objects


Editing the contents of this directory is not recommended. See Read Only Directories.

This is a list of almost all the EPrints perl modules. We've not expanded the Plugins and MetaField directories as these are pretty big.

  • eprints3/perl_lib/EPrints
    • Apache/
      • AnApache.pm - Abstracts differences between apache and mod_perl versions.
      • Auth.pm - Handles authentication
      • LogHandler.pm - Logs accesses as Access Objects
      • Login.pm - Handles the login screen
      • Rewrite.pm - Redirects and rewrites URLs in requests, as appropriate
      • Template.pm - Handles applying the template to pages
      • VLit.pm - Handles the vlit feature.
    • BackCompatibility.pm - defines EPrints 2.3 function calls which call their 3.0 equivalents.
    • Config.pm - Handles the configuration of the EPrints system itself
    • DataObj/ - all classes in this dir are a subclass of EPrints::DataObj
    • DataObj.pm - Base class for Data Objects
    • DataSet.pm - Has one instance per repository for each type of Data Object
    • Database.pm - Object connecting the Session to the database. Provides most database calls.
    • Email.pm - Handles sending email messages.
    • Extras.pm - Handy functions. Nearly obselete.
    • Index.pm - Handles text indexing and the indexer.
    • Language.pm - Provides access to phrases.
    • Latex.pm - Latex rendering tools for functions and equations.
    • List.pm - A search result, or other list of Data Objects within a single Dataset
    • MetaField/ - Contains classes representing each type of metadatat field.
    • MetaField.pm - Base class for field objects. An instance of a metafield represents a single field in a Dataset, not a field + a value.
    • OpenArchives.pm - Handles OAI stuff.
    • Paginate/
      • Columns.pm - Subclass of EPrints::Paginate which renders the results as a spread sheet style list, and allows sorting by clicking titles.
    • Paginate.pm - Paginate search results (eg. 20 items per page) in HTML
    • Paracite.pm - Paracite interface
    • Platform/
      • Unix.pm - UNIX specific functions
    • Platform.pm - Allows abstraction of methods which are operating system specific.
    • Plugin/ - The plugins directory.
    • Plugin.pm - The base class (and loader) for all plugins.
    • Probity.pm - Handles producing checksum files for documents.
    • Profiler.pm - ?
    • Repository.pm - An instance of this represents a single repository and has access to the configuration of that repository.
    • ScreenProcessor.pm - Handles the Screen plugin interface
    • Script.pm - Processes expressions in the mini-scripting language used in citation and workflows.
    • Search/
      • Condition.pm - Represents a single search condition (used internally)
      • Field.pm - Represents a single search field (a row in the search interface). Has a value and a list of metadata fields to search.
    • Search.pm - Represents a single search. Returns a List object when executed.
    • Session.pm - A link between a web request (or command line script), a language, a database connection and a repository.
    • StyleGuide.pm - Notes on how to write EPrints code.
    • SystemSettings.pm - Created by the installation. Contains information on your apache version, where commands are to be found and where EPrints is installed.
    • TempDir.pm - Creates and removes tmp directories.
    • Time.pm - Functions related to time and date processing.
    • Utils.pm - Misc. functions.
    • Workflow/
      • Processor.pm -
      • Stage.pm -
    • Workflow.pm -
    • XML/
      • DOM.pm -
      • EPC.pm - Code to handle processing the epc namespace: eg. <epc:if>
      • GDOME.pm -
      • LibXML.pm -
    • XML.pm - Abstraction to handle diferent XML libraries. (DOM, GDOME, LibXML)