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* [[How to contribute]] to EPrints development
* [[How to contribute]] to EPrints development
* [[Web Services]] - sneak peek at the upcoming Web Service API
* [[Web Services]] - sneak peek at the upcoming Web Service API
* [http://trac.eprints.org/ EPrints Trac] - access nightly builds, see tickets and changes
==Getting Support==
==Getting Support==

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Welcome to the EPrints Wiki

This wiki contains technical and user-contributed documentation for the EPrints software.

For more information on the EPrints project, visit http://eprints.org/



Scripts, patches and translations

  • The EPrints Files repository is contains add-on and 3rd party scripts, patches and translations. This also provides an archive of all previous EPrints releases (3.0 onwards).
  • Files/ Wiki pages about scripts and patches. There isn't a page for every script or patch.

Tips, tricks and howtos


To contribute to this wiki you will need to register for an eprints account. Go to http://trac.eprints.org/ldap/ and fill in the "Register for a new account" form. You will need a valid email account to verify before your password will be activated. If you experience a problem with this please email Tim Brody (tdb2 at ecs.soton.ac.uk.) including the account username you used.


Getting Support