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Manual Sections

In future versions of EPrints, XML::LibXML will be the only XML library supported. As this is about as efficient as XML::GDOME but can be more easily installed on various Linux operating systems. Since EPrints 2.2 you may use either XML::DOM or XML::GDOME. XML::GDOME is recommended as it's faster and uses much less RAM, but it does require you to install a whole lot of extra libraries and perl modules. If you are running a pilot or demonstration service then XML::DOM is fine, and you can always switch over later by installing the required tools and setting the GDOME flag in perl_lib/EPrints/

Addional Libraries Required for GDOME support


either get the tarball from:

or the RPMs (but we have had problems with complex RPM dependencies):

The GDOME Library

Obtain this from

You may either use the RPMs (gdome2 and gdome2-devel) or the tarball.

Additional Perl Modules Required for GDOME support


All of which are in