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Editing the contents of this directory is not recommended. See Read Only Directories.

The ingredients/bazaar/ directory contains the library for the bazaar ingredient, which enables use of the [1] to install additional plugins. This is enabled by default be being listed in the flavour's inc file.

  • eprints3/ingredients/bazaar
    • cfg.d/ - Perl configuration for the bazaar ingredient.
    • citations/ - Citations used by the bazaar ingredient.
    • lang/ - Language-specific files for the bazaar ingredient, (just a phrases file).
    • plugins/ - Plugins used by the Bazaar ingredient.
    • static/ - Static files used by the Bazaar ingredient.
    • tests/ - Unit tests for the Bazaar ingredient.
    • tools/ - Command line tools for the Bazaar ingredient.
    • workflows/ - Workflows used by the Bazaar ingredient.