Getting Started with the EPrints Bazaar

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Currently to access the EPrints Bazaar requires a trunk (nightly) build of EPrints to be running on your server.

It is not advisable to run a nightly build of EPrints in a production environment.

There are several ways of getting hold of a nightly build of EPrints.

Debian Mirrors

Following the guide on Installing_EPrints_3_via_apt_(Debian/Ubuntu), change the apt lines to:

 deb nightly/
 deb-src source/

Other nightly builds

These can be found at

Amazon AMIs

Every so often (when there is a significant number of changes) we will build an Amazon AMI which can found in the eu-west region by search for eprints. This AMI even comes up with the repository installed. For more on these AMIs see EPrints_EC2