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EPrints Bazaar uses EPrints Package Manager to manage EPM packages. EPrints Package Manager has slightly different functionality via web and command line but in both cases they perform the same essential tasks:

  • install
  • update
  • disable

Package management via web also has several unique functions:

  • EPM via web will also download the package; EPM via command line can only install an epm package downloaded by other means.
  • EPM files can be created and edited via web
  • EPM files can be published via web

Commandline usage

epm' lives in tools/epm.

Gitaar is available from Eprints User Group and eases the process of installing an EPM from git - for example a pre release or work in progress.

Non eprints utilities

There are a couple of reasons you might want to know how to search and download without using the eprints supplied tools:

  • tools/epm in eprints 3.3 doesn't support searching
  • tools/epm in eprints 3.3 doesn't support downloading
  • you might want to check for updates via cron and email a warning


Encoded in the eprints source are two URIs which can be used for searching, simple and simple2. simple2 accepts an optional parameter v.

In all examples, q= is the value to search for.

style 1

curl --location "”

Use curl —location to follow redirection to /cgi/search/simple as is done by eprints.

style 2

optional parameter v not included, equivalent to v=_all

curl ""

v set to 'tbc', this returns an empty list.

curl ""

TODO: find out what v= actually does.


Command to download a bazaar plugin manually requires setting a custom Accept header. Failing to do so will show the html version of the page.

 curl -H "Accept: application/vnd.eprints.epm+xml"


See available guides in the wiki categories Bazaar Package and EPrints Bazaar.