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EPrints 3 Reference: Directory Structure - Metadata Fields - Repository Configuration - XML Config Files - XML Export Format - EPrints data structure - Core API - Data Objects

Data Objects: Access - Document - EPrint - Event Queue - File - History - Import - Login Ticket - Request - Saved Search - Subject - User

Built in Fields

Field NameTypeDescription
fileidint fieldThe ID number of this File Object (unique within a single repository)
datasetidid fieldThe dataset that the File Object belongs to.
objectidint fieldID of the data object the file is associated with.
filenameid fieldname of the file.
hashid fieldHash of the file.
hash_typeid fieldThe type (e.g MD5, SHA1, etc.) of the above hash.
filesizeint fieldThe size in bytes of the file.
mtimetimestamp fieldTime the File Object was last modified.
urlvirtual url fieldURL for retrieving the file.
datavirtual base64 fieldData of the file. (Not actual stored in the database, as field is virtual).

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