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This page provides information about the eprints-tech.ecs.soton.ac.uk mailing list which is intended for those who develop and administer EPrints repository software.

How to Subscribe

To subscribe send an email with a blank message body to sympa@ecs.soton.ac.uk with the subject line:

SUBSCRIBE eprints-tech your name

You do not have to provide your name, so SUBSCRIBE eprints-tech should be sufficient. You can provide a single name or multiple names but it is preferable to use the format of given name followed by family name, e.g. Joe Bloggs.

Subscription Options

You can email sympa@ecs.soton.ac.uk with the following text in you subject line to carry out certain commands:

INFO eprints-tech 
Get information about the eprints-tech list.
SUBSCRIBE eprints-tech your name 
Subscription (or subscription confirmation) to eprints-tech.
UNSUBSCRIBE eprints-tech email@address 
Unsubscribe from eprints-tech. The email address is required only if you want to unsubscribe with an address other than the address with which you send the message.

The SET command allows you to change options for your current subscription to the EPrints Tech list.

SET eprints-tech NOMAIL 
suspend receipt of the eprints-tech's messages.
SET eprints-tech DIGEST 
receive messages in digest mode.
SET eprints-tech DIGESTPLAIN 
receive messages in digest mode (plain text).
SET eprints-tech SUMMARY 
only receive lists of messages.
SET eprints-tech NOTICE 
only receive the message subjects.
SET eprints-tech MAIL 
normal message delivery mode.

List Archives

To view the archives of the list go to https://www.eprints.org/eptech/

January 2024 update: Updating with the latest posts to the list and searching is back again, but we are still working on a better structured list archive to make it easier to get an overview.