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  • eprints3/
    • AUTHORS - Text file telling you who did what in EPrints.
    • CHANGELOG - Text file documenting every single change made since EPrints 2 Alpha.
    • COPYING - The GPL License
    • NEWS - Summary of major changes between versions.
    • README - Text file telling you how to install and where to find help.
    • SIGNATURES - Checksums of installed files. Used by upgrade tool to see if files have been modified since installation.
    • VERSION - The current version of EPrints.
    • archives/ - Contains configuration and data for each repository
    • bin/ - Contains command line tools.
    • cfg/ - Contains site-wide configuration files.
    • cgi/ - Contains CGI files (dynamic web pages)
    • lib/ - Contains the read-only data used by EPrints (do not edit!)
    • perl_lib/ - Contains the perl-libraries used by EPrints
    • testdata/ - Contains a tool + data to import example data into your repository.
    • var/ - Used to store files output by EPrints including logs and process ID files.