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Tools and services are being developed to support digital preservation for EPrints repositories. Application is being tested on a diverse series of exemplar repositories.

Tools and services

Preservation in EPrints 3.2

  • Toolkit for file format identification and risk assessment (includes Java 'wrapper' that works with DROID digital object ID tool from the (UK) National Archives and interfaces to Calendar and Web servers, triggering events and recording the history of the events and outcomes in the two respective services).
  • Interface for format risk management
  • StorageController: manage content in open storage and cloud storage services

Preservation Support in EPrints 3

  • Complex-Object Export: METS and DIDL plugins
  • History Module
  • Rights Declaration

See Preserv project and Preserv wiki

Repository preservation exemplars

How should digital repositories engage with preservation? This is being investigated with a series of Repository Preservation Exemplars, all using EPrints and representing the anticipated diversity of content in the typical institutional repository of the future.