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EPrints 3 already provides a great number of preservation focussed features which are outlined @ [Preservation Support].

In EPrints 3.2 we are looking to enable a framework on top of which active preservation services can applied, such as file classification, risk analysis and migration tools. However we are not going about this by simply thinking of some scenarios and then expecting the users to implment them. By working closely with the Preserv2 ( project we have been building a framework for actual services which this project has provisioned.

We have already mentioned the new [StorageController] and this now means that you can manage the location of your files and even spread them over multiple locations, enabling the LOCKSS technique to be applied.

More information can currently be found at

Install and Usage Guide

  • Since i've just done this on a new repository i thought i'd write down the install process.


  • EPrints 3.2 or greater! You need the new File object which is a core part of >=3.2.
  • The EPrints 3.2 Preservation Tools (
    • Consists of 3 files to be installed in the following locations
    • archive_name/cfg/cfg.d/
    • perl_lib/EPrints/Plugins/Screen/Admin/
    • tools/update_pronom_puids
  • A copy of java
  • The Perl SOAP::Lite Library


1) Install java and DROID

2) edit archive_name/cfg/cfg.d/ and fill in the locations to your DROID install, DROID signature file and JAVA. Changing other config values is optional but recommended to suit your repository and risk score boundaries.

3) Install the new database structure.

 bin/epadmin update_database_structure archive_name


To run simply execute the update_pronom_puids tool, this should be scheduled to run regularly.

 cd tools
 perl update_pronom_puids archive_name