Creating an EPrints MSI

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Warning This feature requires EPrints version 3.2.1 or later

Note: this page is only for those wishing to build a Win32 installer of the EPrints package. If you wish to install EPrints on Windows see Installing EPrints 3 on Win32.


  • Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or later with .NET.

To build the Zip source package:

Make sure svn, perl and zip are in your working path.


Download and install the latest stable version of WiX (3.0 as of writing) from

Ignore any errors reported due to missing Visual Studio (we don't need it).

Note: you will need to use the command-line tools from WiX so you may wish to relocate it to somewhere more convenient than Program Files.


Download and install the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools.

Once installed copy the srvany.exe file to a convenient location (you can now uninstall the resource kit if you wish to).

EPrints MSI Package

Download the EPrints Win32 installation builder file ( and unpack it to somewhere convenient. Copy srvany.exe to the unpacked directory (the same location as eprints.wsx).

To build the Zip file from EPrints source:

 svn co
 perl --win32 nightly

Building the MSI

Start a command-prompt and change to the directory you unpacked to.

If you do not have the WiX tools in your path you will need to prepend the full path to the WiX command-line tools for candle and light

 candle eprints.wsx
 light -ext WixUIExtension eprints.wixobj

You should now have a "eprints.msi" installation package.

To continue installing EPrints follow the instructions at Installing EPrints 3 on Win32.