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Warning This page is under development as part of the EPrints 3.4 manual. It may still contain content specific to earlier versions.
Manual Sections

Bug Report Policy

There is currently no online bug tracking system. Known bugs are listed in the BUGLIST file in the distribution and a list will be kept on the site.

If you identify a bug or "issue" (issues are not bugs, but are things which could be clearer or better), and it's not already listed on the site, please let us know at - include all the information you can: what version of eprints (see if you're not sure), what operating system etc.

Where to go with Questions and Suggestions

There are some mailing lists for EPrints which may be the right place to ask general questions and start discussions on broad design issues.


eprints-tech is the technical mailing list for people who want to argue over XML processing and which libraries to use. UNIXy people.

To subscribe send an email to containing the text

subscribe eprints-tech


eprints-underground is the non-technical mailing list for people who actually care what the system does, not how. This is for discussion of metadata, politics (how to get people to fill the damn data in) and what people actually plan to use the eprints for.

To subscribe send an email to containing the text

subscribe eprints-underground

OAI Lists

The Open Archives Protocol has some mailing lists of its own, see the site for information on these.