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indexer - Indexing daemon for EPrints


indexer start [options]

indexer stop

indexer status

indexer install

indexer uninstall

indexer debug

indexer --help


This daemon runs in the background and creates index files for all eprints repositories.

Messages and errors are logged to /opt/eprints3/var/indexer.log unless you change the log options. If it appears to be having problems try raising the log level and examining the log.

Once every 24 hours, the indexer rolls the logs (up to logfile.5) and then starts again. See --rollcount for ways to customise this.


  • --help
Print a brief help message and exit.
  • --man
Print the full manual page and then exit.
  • --quiet
Be vewwy vewwy quiet. This option will supress all output unless an error occurs.
  • --force
Start up, even if the PID file exists (implying another copy is running). This is useful for starting after a crash, but be carefully not to run to copies at once as BAD THINGS will happen.
  • --verbose
Explain in detail what is going on. May be repeated for greater effect.
  • --clear
Clear broken event queue items (items that are "inprogress" or "failed") before commencing.
  • --retry
Retry broken event queue items (items that are "inprogress" or "failed") before commencing.
  • --logfile filename
Log to filename rather than default indexer log.
  • --loglevel level
Set the level of detail to log. Level may be 0-6.
  • --rollcount number
Set the number of once-through logs that should be kept. If set to zero then indexer will never roll the logs but rather just keep writing to the main log.
  • --respawn seconds
Respawn the indexer every seconds (rolls the log files).
  • --notdaemon
Do not become a daemon, remain attached to the current terminal.
Log goes to STDERR instead of the log file.
Does not create a .pid file.
  • --once
Only clear the current queue of things needing indexing then exit.
  • --version
Output version information and exit.

Making into a service

This has only been tested under redhat linux. It make work on other OS's, but not promise.

To make the indexer into a service which starts and stops on reboots etc. like httpd and mysqld do the following (as root):

 ln -s /opt/eprints3/bin/epindexer /etc/init.d/epindexer 
 chkconfig --add epindexer
 chkconfig epindexer on

The epindexer script runs as root, changes user to "eprints" (or whatever uid your eprints install runs as) and then calls indexer.


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