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This page pertains to the EPrints user menu that provides links to various management pages for logged in EPrints users.

Within EPrints configuration this is often referred to as the key_tools menu, as to add links for new plugins to this menu, configuration like the following is required:

$c->{plugins}->{"Screen::MyPlugin"}->{appears}->{key_tools} = 1000;

The value assigned determines whether the link is added towards the start (low number) or end (high number) of the user menu.

The EPrints user menu is included in page templates (e.g. an archive's cfg/lang/en/templates/default.xml) under the name login_status using the following XML markup:

<epc:pin ref="login_status"/>

For a default EPrints repository, until a user logs in, only two options will be displayed:

  • Login - Go to the login screen to gain authenicated access to the repository.
  • Create Account - Create an account so you can gain authenticated access to the repository.

Once logged into the EPrinte repository the user will be presented with a number of different user menu options. In a default EPrints repository they will be:

  • Manage deposits - Add/import/edit/deposit/delete your own publication items.
  • Manage records - View/edit/delete any data objects (e.g. eprints, documents, users, subjects, etc.) in the repository. (admins only)
  • Profile - View/edit your user profile.
  • Saved Searches - View/edit/delete your saved searches.
  • Review - Review publication items that have sent for review before being put into the repository's live archive. (admins/editors only)
  • Admin - Go to the Admin web interface. (admins only)
  • Edit Page Phrases - Edit phrases used on the current page. (admins only)
  • Logout - Logout from the repository.