User Deposit Agreement

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Why add a user deposit agreement?

You may wish for users to explicitly comply with a set of user agreement terms and conditions. The terms may be stated in a hosted file which can be linked to or hosted within your eprints instance as a pdf or xpage file.


EPrints 3.4 (All minor versions)

Process for adding a user deposit agreement

Requirement: To add a radio button to which the user would just need to select that they had read the statement and can proceed ahead with deposit.

Create a new field "User Deposit Agreement"


       name => 'user_deposit_agreement',
       type => 'set',
       input_style => 'medium',
       options => [


This will create a new field User Deposit Agreement with a radio button. Name of the options 'TRUE' need to be defined (as set out in the field).

We will define it in following way:

1. Radio button to have TRUE option

Syntax: datasetid + "_fieldopt_" + fieldname + "_" + optionname

Example: eprint_fieldopt_user_agreement_deposit_TRUE

To give name to radio button: <epp:phrase id="eprint_fieldopt_user_deposit_agreement_TRUE"><label xmlns:epc="">Yes, I agree.</label></epp:phrase>

2. Radio button to have FALSE option

Syntax: datasetid + "_fieldopt_" + fieldname + "_" + optionname

Example: eprint_fieldopt_user_agreement_deposit_FALSE

To give name to radio button: <epp:phrase id="eprint_fieldopt_user_deposit_agreement_FALSE"><label xmlns:epc="">No, I disagree.</label></epp:phrase>

Relevant Document to refer:,check%20boxes,-if%20input_style%20%3D%3E%20%27long