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Usability of software is critical to its acceptance and success with users. EPrints is a complex piece of software that asks users to spend time on administration - rarely a popular task.

This page is a collection of resources that will help to demonstrate how users interact with EPrints (succeeding or failing).

Feature Demonstration Videos

These videos demonstrate features (or "how-to" use features) of EPrints.

Exporting [3:56]

EPrints 3.1, no audio commentary, David Kane <WIT libraries>.

  • Performs advanced search for a subject
  • Selects Endnote export
  • Imports into Endnote
  • Demonstrates use inside Microsoft Word

User Interaction Videos

These videos are screen captures of real users interacting with EPrints.

Deposit Process [10:04]

EPrints 3.1, user audio commentary, Brian Kelly <UKOLN>.

  • User uses a DOI import to start a new EPrint object
  • Clicks Deposit which points user to required fills
  • Uploads a Word file, fails to upload a PDF file
  • Sets embargo period