UK Hack Day September 2015

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10th September 2015, Southampton, UK

A group of EPrints developers met to try and progress the core of EPrints, and help each other get up and running with committing changes to GitHub.

Our aims were:

We discussed some 'QA' type process for reviewing commits:

  • Check install
  • Visual code QA (are phrases in language-specific files? Are files structured in the right way)
  • Documentation check (and e.g. include example config in defaultcfg if using a param to control a plugin)
  • Will it break multiple archives running under one EPrints install?

Work was also undertaken to make an easy-to-use (and quick to get going) virtual machine, using source from GitHub. This should allow us (the EPrints geek community) to get up and running and doing useful things very quickly!


Adam spoke about adding technical-install accolades in the Bazaar:

  • one-click install
  • requires configuration (e.g. adding an API key, or turning come options on), with a control screen
  • needs additional resources on server (e.g. additional Perl packages)