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Editing the contents of this directory is not recommended. See Read Only Directories.

This directory contains a number of perl modules which are packaged with the EPrints distribution. These have their own licenses (other than GPL), mostly the same as Perl itself. Only the contents of and EPrints/ are created by the EPrints team.

  • eprints3/perl_lib
    • Compat/ - Compatibility Perl modules in case real Perl module cannot be easily installed.
    • Digest/ - Third-party Perl Digest sub-modules.
    • EPrints/ - Contains all the EPrints:: perl modules.
    • - "use" this module to use EPrints, it loads all the other modules for your convenience.
    • File/ - Third-party Perl File sub-modules.
    • MIME/ - Third-party Perl MIME sub-modules.
    • OLE/ - Third-party Perl OLE sub-modules.
    • README - Explain about the directory and its third-patry licensing.
    • - Perl modules to support read-only scalars, arrays and hashes
    • - List of user agent strings fragments known to be robots.
    • Text/ - Third-party Perl Text sub-modules.
    • URI/ - Third-party Perl URI sub-modules.
    • - Third-party Perl module to parse, encode and generally handle URIs.
    • XML/ - Third-party Perl XML sub-modules.