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This is one of the resources produced by the JISC KeepIt project, which is contributing towards the development of Repository Preservation Exemplars.

Not a bibliography, not formal papers, this includes other less conventional resources, typically less likely to be formally cited, which nevertheless are valuable in reflecting on or assisting preservation of digital repositories, and might be used in a training programme for repository managers seeking to develop repository preservation exemplars.

Please add new items and help organise. Criteria:

  1. preservation AND repository
  2. open access: include a link that everyone can follow

This collection has been re-structured to follow the format of the #KeepIt course on Digital Preservation Tools for Repository Managers, and as outlined in the KeepIt project proposal is loosely based on Berman's guidelines - plan, cost, describe (metadata), copy, store, stewardship, trust - and Rosenthal's assessment of the main problems - scale, costs and rights - two views that fit the needs of our repository preservation exemplars.

Another substantial collection of digital preservation training materials, mostly presentations from DPE-related conferences and training events, is the DPE registry of training materials

KeepIt course on Digital Preservation Tools for Repository Managers

Practical, tools-based approach in five modules aimed at repository managers, Jan-Mar 2010, see KeepIt blog for details and updates

  1. Organisational issues, 19 January, Southampton
  2. Preservation costs, 5 February, Southampton
  3. Describing content for preservation, 2 March, London
  4. Preservation workflow tools, 18-19 March, Southampton
  5. Trust, 30 March, Northampton

Resources from this course
Slideshare: JISC KeepIt project presentations
Source materials, including presentations and supplementary content, tutorial and exercises (ECS EPrints repository, University of Southampton)
Related courses find Preservation with EPrints in calendar list below

DP training courses, calendar view

First, an overview of current and recent training courses on digital preservation.
Note. The important links are the resources produced by these courses, where available.

#2010 | #2009 | #2008 | #2007 | #2006 | #2005


Preservation with EPrints
NEXT 9 July 2010, Complete Preservation with EPrints, Open Repositories 2010 EPrints User Group, Madrid
18-19 March 2010, KeepIt course on Digital Preservation Tools for Repository Managers, module 4, Preservation workflow tools, Southampton
Resources from this tutorial Presentations and exercises
27 September 2009, Logical and bit-stream preservation using Plato, ePrints and the Cloud, an ECDL tutorial, Corfu
Resources from this tutorial Presentations and exercises

Digital Preservation Training Programme (DPTP)
founded on Cornell’s Digital Preservation Management Workshop
SPECIAL June 28, 2010, Web Archiving workshop, London
29-31 March 2010, London
19-21 October 2009, London
14-15 September 2009, Belfast (taster course)
18th-20th May 2009, SOAS, London

Digital Preservation Management Workshops and Tutorial (ICPSR)
The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) workshop is based on the workshop curriculum initially developed at Cornell University
NEXT June 13-18, 2010 hosted by MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts
PREV. May 3-8, 2009, Michigan
Original Cornell tutorial

Preservation for Repository Practitioners, Repositories Support Project
Tools from the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) and the PLANETS project: two days, approximately the same coverage each day. Choose one venue
26 May 2010, Edinburgh programme
27 May 2010, Birmingham programme

Digital Preservation - The Planets Way
Resources PLANETS Training Materials includes training videos - animated slideshows with audio commentary, and technical summaries providing an overview of Planets tools and services for technical support and developer staff
20 May 2010, Planets End of Project Conference, Berlin
LAST 19-21 April 2010, Rome
9-11 February 2010, London
17-19 November 2009, Bern
Resources from this event: download presentations from the top of this programme page
16-18 September 2009, Sofia
Resources from this event: download presentations from within the programme
22-24 June 2009, Copenhagen
Resources from this event Live blog

DCC Tools of the Trade Workshops
May 19, 2010, Manchester

DigCCurr Professional Institute: Curation Practices for the Digital Object Lifecycle
NEXT May 16-21, 2010 & January 6-7, 2011, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
PREV. June 21-26, 2009, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Digital Preservation Roadshows 2009-10 (Society of Archivists in partnership with the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC), The National Archives, the Planets project and Cymal)
April 2009-2010, various locations
Resources from these events
15 February 2010, Cardiff Programme and presentations
22 January 2010, Aberystwyth Programme and presentations
10 December 2009, Manchester Programme and presentations
26 November 2009, Dublin Programme and presentations
28 October 2009, Edinburgh Programme and presentations
19 August 2009, London Programme and presentations
26 June 2009, York Programme and presentations
29th April 2009, Gloucester Programme and presentations


DCC Digital Curation 101/Lite
2 December 2009, London (@ 5th International Digital Curation Conference)
14-15 September 2009, Belfast
31 July 2009, Edinburgh
15 July 2009, Leeds
26 May 2009, Tampere, Finland
Digital Curation 101 Introduction (presentation from Tampere)
See also materials for full, week long workshop (not Lite!)

DataShare workshop Policy-making for Research Data in Repositories: A Guide
30 July, Edinburgh
Resources Policy-making for Research Data in Repositories: A Guide
See also UKDA Manage and Share Data

Digital Libraries à la Carte 2009
28 July - 5 August 2009, Tilburg
Module 5: Institutional Repositories - Preservation and Advocacy
Marcel Ras, Marijke Dewaerheijt, Preservation and Conservation of Institutional Repositories (handout of slides)
Module 6: Libraries and Research Data - Embracing New Content
Stephen Pinfield, Dealing with Data - An Introduction (slides)
Micah Altman, Open Access to Data for Replicable Science
Charles (Chuck) Humphrey, Data Library Services in the Data Stewardship Life Cycle (Slideshare)
Ken Miller, Data In - Knowledge Out: Digital Preservation and Curation (handout of slides)
All papers and slides from Ticer summer course

Preservation Planning: Planning for Optimal Long-term Digital Preservation Solutions
June 15th, JCDL Tutorial, Austin, presenters Hannes Kulovits, Andreas Rauber

DPE/Planets/CASPAR/nestor Joint Training Event: The Preservation challenge: basic concepts and practical applications
23-27 March 2009, Barcelona, Spain
Resources from this event

DRAMBORA Auditors' Training Course
23-25 March 2009, Rome (third course)
9-11 February 2009, London (second course)

nestor/DPE Spring School 2009 "Digitale Langzeitarchivierung: Von der Konzeption zur Umsetzung" ("Long-Term Digital Archiving: From conception to implementation")
16-20 March 2009

DCC Digital Curation 101 Workshop
10-12 March 2009, London


Digital Preservation Training Programme (DPTP), founded on Cornell’s Digital Preservation Management Workshop
20-22 October 2008, London
3-5 March 2008, Edinburgh

DPE/Planets/CASPAR/nestor Joint Training Event: Starting out: Preserving Digital Objects - Principles and Practice
13-17 October 2008, Prague
Videos of presentations

First DRAMBORA Auditors' Training Course
13-17 October 2008, Prague

Planets, Preservation Planning with Plato (ECDL tutorial)
September 14th 2008, Aarhus

Planning the future with Planets: a preservation planning tutorial
14-15 April 2008, Vienna


Digital Preservation Training Programme (DPTP), founded on Cornell’s Digital Preservation Management Workshop
8-10 October 2007,London

Planets and DPE, Principles of Digital Preservation: a hands-on approach
October 1st 2007 - October 5th 2007, Vilnius

6th DELOS International Summer School on Digital Preservation in Digital Libraries: Realising Possibilities (ISDL 2007)
3-8 June 2007 - Pisa (Italy)

Planets, DPE, CASPAR, DCC Joint Workshop on Developing an International Curation and Preservation Training Roadmap
March 30th 2007, Nice

nestor/DPE Winter School 2007 "Praktische Anwendungsfelder der digitalen Langzeitarchivierung" (Long-Term Digital Archiving: From conception to implementation")
11.-15. November 2007


5th DELOS International Summer School on Digital Preservation in Digital Libraries: Emerging Approaches (ISDL 2006)
4-10 June 2006 - San Miniato (Italy)


4th DELOS International Summer School on Digital Preservation for Digital Libraries (ISDL 2005)
5-11 September 2005 - Sophia-Antipolis (France)

Supporting resources


Recommended presentation Dorothea Salo, Preservation and institutional repositories for the digital arts and humanities, delivered at the Summer Institute for Data Curation at the University of Illinois, 21 May 2009 Slideshare version
Salo's blog reflections on this talk 1, 2

Recommended presentation David Rosenthal, How are we “Ensuring the Longevity of Digital Documents”? CNI keynote, April 2009

Tim Donohue
Digital Preservation in the Wild, Ensuring Enduring Access
A Forum on Digital Preservation, CARLI (Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois), Champaign, Illinois, USA, July 21, 2009
Twitter comment: Good repository preservation exemplar IDEALS (Illinois) (from slide 19). Not complete DP yet but practical start

Training registry DPE registry of training materials
includes e.g.
An Introduction to Digital Preservation, Manfred Thaller (slides), March 2009

Tools registry NDIIPP Partner Tools and Services Inventory
alphabetical list

PLANETS Training Materials
includes training videos - animated slideshows with audio commentary

Building a Terminology Bridge: Guidelines for Digital Information Retention and Preservation Practices in the Datacenter
SNIA, May 2009 (it’s a 48pp pdf)
From KeepIt blog: When we get to the terminology, it’s not short dictionary definitions, but well researched, and often anecdotal, collections of views on a term. Recommended.

Reference work Neil Beagrie and Maggie Jones, Digital Preservation Handbook, Digital Preservation Coalition, online edition version 1.0, May 2002

The following sections follow the structure of the #KeepIt course on Digital Preservation Tools for Repository Managers

Selection and appraisal

KeepIt course tool Assessing what you’ve got: Data Audit Framework (DAF)
DAF Implementation Guide, October 2009 "This guide is based on the lessons learned through DAF pilot projects and early exemplars"
DAF case studies

KeepIt course tool AIDA self Assessment Toolkit
to enable your institution to perform self-assessment of your capacity, state of readiness, and overall capability for digital asset management. Mark II version of the Toolkit released May 2009

Sarah Jones and Ed Pinsent, Using DAF and AIDA to scope data management needs, DC101 Lite for JISC data management call, July 15th 2009, Leeds (slide presentation) "We’ll provide a quick overview to each tool then do an exercise on how to go about scoping requirements."

The National Archives appraisal policy (pdf), Version 1 August 2004

2.1.3 Appraisal supports records management because, when carried out successfully, it:

  • maintains the efficiency of departmental records management systems by limiting their contents to those records which are of continuing value, for business and archival purposes
  • ensures that records of long-term or archival value are identified so that provision can be made for their preservation.

For the next twenty years TNA will accession records predominantly in paper form

TNA traditionally assessed the archival value of records with reference both to their provenance (the organisational and functional context in which they were created) and to their content. TNA will in future make an understanding of the functions which produced public records an overt, preliminary stage in appraisal work.

See Appendix 2: appraisal values

What would a digital repository appraisal policy look like?

Decision Tree for Selection of Digital Materials for Long-term Retention from Digital Preservation Coalition, Handbook

Preservation costs

KeepIt course tool LIFE project costing model use part for repositories
see the documentary evidence provided for the SHERPA DP (June 23, 2008) and SHERPA-LEAP (June 23, 2008) case studies

KeepIt course tool Apply findings from Beagrie, et al., Keeping Research Data Safe: A Cost Model and Guidance for UK Universities, Final Report to JISC, April 2008

Preservation workflow

Rossi, Christian, From distribution to preservation of digital documents, E-LIS, 27 Jun 2009
Good non-technical explanation and contextualisation of the technical layers that characterise the digital preservation problem

KeepIt course tool Tool Plato, the Planets preservation planning tool
see also Plato software review, Practical E-Records, April 25, 2010

KeepIt course tool EPrints preservation applications
File format management Toolkit for file format identification and risk assessment (includes Java 'wrapper' that works with DROID
Storage Controller enables an EPrints digital repository to use multiple storage platforms

Tool P2 Registry Preserv2 - File Format Registry (beta)
semantically enhanced registry containing information to aid in the process of format management for digital preservation: format identification, risk management and transformation. Uses data pooled from many other sources including The National Archives (UK) Pronom registry and dbpedia
See also PRONOM-DROID, JHOVE, AONS and collaborative developments such as Unified Digital Format Registry

Using DROID for Appraisal
at ‘under-resourced’ archives, Practical E-Records, February 17, 2010
for small Archives, Practical E-Records, March 10, 2010

Tool RODA Repositório de Objectos Digitais Autênticos demo server
see paper RODA and CRiB - A Service-Oriented Digital Repository, International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects (iPRES), London, 2008
see also Installing OAIS Software: RODA, Practical E-Records, January 5, 2010

Tool Archivematica integrates a number of open source tools and applications to create a digital preservation system. Integrated tools include Easy Extract, Detox, UUID, CLAM AV, Thunar, Incron, Flock, JHOVE, DROID, NLNZ Metadata Extractor, File, FFident, File Information Tool Set (FITS), Xena, OpenOffice, Unoconv, FFmpeg, ImageMagick, and Inkscape.
see also Installing OAIS Software: Archivematica, Practical E-Records, January 15, 2010

Describing content for preservation

OAIS, Open Archival Information System

Not the original documentation for OAIS, but an excellent tutorial introduction to OAIS


builds on ...

KeepIt course tool PREMIS, Preservation Metadata Implementation Strategies

KeepIt course tool PROVENANCE Open Provenance Model (OPM)

Bagit video Bagit: Transferring Content for Digital Preservation, Library of Congress
POSTED DATE: 06/24/2009, RUNNING TIME: 3:14
see also The BagIt File Packaging Format (V0.96) spec.


KeepIt course tool DRAMBORA Digital Repository Audit Method Based on Risk Assessment interactive toolkit
To use tool requires free registration and login

DRAMBORA (Slideshare), Hofman, WePreserv conference, Nice, 30 October 2008
see also short paper (pdf 4pp) An Approach to Audit and Certification, from HATII, University of Glasgow, July 2007

KeepIt course tool TRAC Trustworthy Repositories Audit and Certification Criteria and Checklist

Tool NESTOR Catalogue of Criteria for Trusted Digital Repositories v1 (pdf 48pp)
DCC on NESTOR Catalogue
see also this paper

Tool PLATTER Planning Tool for Trusted Electronic Repositories collected presentations via embedded Slideshare
Introduction to PLATTER Repository Planning Checklist and Guidance DigitalPreservationEurope, D3.2, 25.03.2008

The DCC Curation Lifecycle Model

The following sections are supplementary and were not covered directly in the #KeepIt course on Digital Preservation Tools for Repository Managers


ERIS – Enhancing Repository Infrastructure in Scotland, Digital curation and preservation policies in Scottish HEIs: Survey results, 22 March 2010

Jones, Sarah, A report on the range of policies required for and related to digital curation 30 March 2009

Policy recommendations, Beagrie et al., Digital Preservation Policies Study, JISC, 30 October 2008

Woollard, Matthew UK Data Archive Preservation Policy v03.10, 24 June 2009

JISC Preserv Project, Survey of Repository Preservation Policy and Activity, February 21, 2007

Tool OpenDOAR Policies Tool

Suetr: JISC repository Start Up & Enhancement Training (SUETr) programme
Repository Policy (18th February 2009, Aberystwyth), includes Kultur, Northampton, CADAIR (Aberystwyth), Leicester, MMU, Aston

Repository preservation policy examples

IDEALS Digital Preservation Policy


John Casey, Jackie Proven & David Dripps
Managing IPR in Digital Learning Materials: A Development Pack for Institutional Repositories
TrustDR Trust in Digital Repositories, JISC project, 2007


Recommended Dorothea Salo, Grab a bucket! It's raining data! Access 2009 Canadian library technology conference, 1-3 October 2009 Slideshare version
See this blog for comments on the presentation and to find other versions

PARSE.Insight: Draft Roadmap (for an e-infrastructure for Scientific Data) (pdf 28pp), 18 May 2009

John F. Gantz, et al.
The Diverse and Exploding Digital Universe An Updated Forecast of Worldwide Information Growth Through 2011
IDC white paper, March 2008
On how much data there is in the world, is an update to this inaugural study by the same authors
The Expanding Digital Universe A Forecast of Worldwide Information Growth Through 2010
IDC white paper, March 2007
It was claimed this one covers digital preservation in 'more depth'. It does, but doesn't use the word preservation once. Instead, look for 'Archive'