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This plugin will become part of EPrints 3.1, possibly even a 3.0.x

Download it from:

It allows you to specify validation errors in the workflow.

 <component type="Validate">
   <epc:if test="!is_set(creators) and !is_set(editors)">
      <error><span class="ep_problem_field:creators">Creators</span> 
or <span class="ep_problem_field:editors">Editors</span> must be set.</error>
   <epc:if test="length(subjects) gt 5">
      <error>You have selected <epc:print expr="length(subjects)" /> 
<span class="ep_problem_field:subjects">subjects</span>, but there is a maximum 
of 5 allowed.</error>

Don't put the if's inside the (error) blocks as they will still cause a validation failure even if they contain no text.