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Released for Christmas 2008.

Changes since 3.1.1

Admin Tools

  • "Edit phrases" tool appears in toolbar for admins, on pages that are generated "on the fly". It allows web-based editing of the phrases used to generate the page, including missing phrases.
  • Improvements to web based phrase editor.
  • "Edit page" option now appears if a static page is viewed by an admin, making it easy to get to the right edit screen.


  • In views, links to empty pages are now rendered as text, not links.
  • /view/ pages may now be exported in the same way as searches.


  • is now split into one file per search.
  • Search forms now have a show_help option to allow the help to be always hidden or always shown. The default is the toggle button.


  • Can now use <upload-methods> option in upload component configuration, in a workflow, to set which methods are available to upload files (or set to an empty list to stop new documents being created). Zip, from url etc.
  • Document fields can now be marked as required, and will have the star appear and report problems if not set.
  • Now when you add a document or modify one, it's always unrolled when the page upload form is rendered.

Import & Export

  • RSS2 now has thumbnail and media data, this allows some new fun mash-ups.
  • New Excel and CSV import and export plugins.

Saved Search and Review emails

  • Improved style of HTML format emails.
  • Fixed broken links in emails.


  • .xpage files can now have a <template> to override the use of the default template.
  • Many bugfixes. Notably in emails, views and unicode handling. See CHANGELOG for details.