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EPrints version 2.3 to 3.0 migration toolkit

Download at:

Currently v0.1



on your EPrints 2.3 system will generate a directory called ARCHIVEID_ep3cfg which will contain some cfg files for EPrints 3.0 and a notes.txt file with some additional comments in.

What the current release does

Creates config files for:

  • phrases (english only)
  • workflows
  • namedsets
  • eprint and user fields configuration

Plus notes.txt with some notes of any tweaks it's made (it will remove or rename or otherwise modify some fields)

What the current version doesn't do, but later releases should

  • citations
  • searches
  • views
  • export script to export in the EPrints 3.0 XML import format (including files). (this is nearly complete).
  • spotting issues it can't handle and at least giving some advice on what needs to be done by hand
  • converting document types into mime types would be nice, to make it more EPrints 3 ish.

What the toolkit will (probably) never do

These will need to be done by hand

  • handling for render_single type options in fields
  • copying the template (you're better off re-doing it, as so many options have changed)
  • the ArchiveRenderConfig methods will need porting, but that shouldn't be *too* hard, we've put in a hell of a lot of back compatability methods to smooth this.
  • custom bits like LDAP based login
  • You'll probably want to tweak the workflow to use the new features like autocomplete and multifield components etc.