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The OREResource import plugin[1] enables the import of ORE Resource Maps serialised in XML.

See Object Re-use and Exchange for an explanation of what ORE is.

The EPrints plugin for ORE utilises the existing capability of EPrints to capture and store remote resources by URL. The ORE import plugin parses the resource map, locates all the resources, and copies each resource into a new eprint (one document per resource). As a result the eprint created is an "aggregation" of each document "resource".

To enable richer imports the Plugin supports two bespoke additions. As well as importing a single ORE resource map it can be given a plain-text list of URLs (one per line) to read ORE resource maps from. The second feature is that if a resource has a dc:conformsTo containing the OAI-PMH DC schema URI that resource is used as Dublin Core metadata to build the eprint object (title, creators etc.).

The import Dublin Core metadata relies on the XSLT Dublin Core import plugin.