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This page offers an agenda for the 3 day Bazaar development event in Edinburgh 1-3 August 2012.

Location: EH9 1PR

Over the course of the days the aim is to test, document and better represent our selves in the bazaar store where things are already a little messy (slap wrists people). Through testing of packages we need to improve descriptions, icons and compliment the packages with screen shots to help our users.

Day 1 - Wednesday 1st August 2012

  • Bazaar
    • Package Improvement, Config, Dependancies, Documentation, Screenshot
      • Amazon S3
      • Green Spring
      • Batch Edit
      • Icon Builder

    • Dependencies Ideas
    • Bazaar Store Improvements - Seal of Approval, Screenshots, Tags, Display of Dependancies Field

  • Core
    • Loosing Data on Disable/Uninstall

Green Spring

  • Capture screenshot

Batch Edit

  • Installer fails to detect a lack of external dependencies: Spreadsheet::ParseExcel, Spreadsheet::WriteExcel
  • Install is a silent fail
  • Uninstall fails with a misleading error ("Repository configuration not reloaded. Errors in configuration files" rather than not actually active)
    • The fix is to edit the config, and save. This allows you to uninstall.
  • The export function appears to work properly, however, I cannot even find the import option.
  • In all honesty, I don't think this plugin can be described as "functional".

Icon Builder

  • Installs without issue
  • must navigate to cgi/icon_builder (this should probably be a screen plugin with a link in key_tools or the admin panels)
    • FIXED - Added to System Tools Panel
  • you can upload a jpg and modify the baground colour.
  • when you hit export the file it returns is not a vaild jpeg
    • Cos it's a PNG


  • Installed
  • updated package to do dependancy checking and output appropriate error messages
  • outputs help to configure after installation
  • created an example storeage policy
  • tested fully
  • dave t and dave m took screen shots


  • Installed plugin
  • Took screen shots
  • Export works
  • Import is broken and needs looking into, this is more a problem with the upstream code than bazaar package.


  • Installed
  • works
  • Screenshots


  • 11:30 - A Simple Start, take the easy packages and improve and screen shot them.
  • 12:45 - Lunch
  • 14:00 - Complex Bazaar Package Testing

The idea here is to test the more complex packages (those that require dependencies outside of those needed by eprints) and work out how to best support our "one click" users in installing these packages. Additionally we should looks for packages that need config and make sure they have a "config" link!. These packages include:

    • Coversheets
    • Preservation Toolkit
    • Tweepository
    • Open Office Toolkit

Day 2 - Thursday 2nd August 2012

  • 09:30 - Bazaar Store Upgrades & Package Testing

Put all the stuff from yesterday in the store.

    • Screenshots
    • Dependencies
    • Descriptions
    • Icons
  • Bazaar upgraded to 3.3.10
  • FIXME trunk has a patch for screenshot upload
  • FIXME trunk has a patch for a tags text box


  • Package initially failed to operate correctly on a vanilla install.
  • Fixed: The CollectionSelect InputForm component was using a deprecated function to get a list of all the users archive items (and failing).
  • Fixed: The CollectionSelect InputForm component was not filtering out existing collections (nest collections are currently unsupported).
  • Fixed: The ajax calls to the collectionselect cgi script were using inconsistent query parameters and were failing in certain cases.
  • Fixed: added some basic error messages to the collectionselect cgi script.


  • Bookmarks are now rendered using a citation.

Bazaar Link

  • New Icon


  • New Icon

Simple Publications

  • New Icon

Edshare Core Plugin

  • New Icon

Edshare Theme

  • New Icon

Spanish Language Pack

Ukrainian Language Pack

EPrints Flag Pack

  • New Bazaar Package containing a set of flag icons for use with language packs.


  • Better documentation for EPrints search in (that will propagate to wiki)
  • Updated "My First Bazaar Package Page" to reflect newer ways of working

  • 11:00 - Languages Packs

Take the language packs from files and put them in the store.

  • 12:30 - Lunch
  • 13:30 - Package Fest

Day 3 - Friday 3rd August 2012

  • Package Fest

EXIF Import

  • Captured screenshots
  • Plugin description could be a bit less brief
  • Fixed plugin to depend on exiftool
  • Fixed plugin to allow configuration
  • Fixed plugin to check existence of exiftool.

Open Office Toolkit

  • Updated to work with libre office
  • TODO Work out how to handle multiple spawned soffice.bin processes on ubuntu.

Wordle Exporter

  • Finished first version and published in the bazaar
  • Demonstrated package building to prestigious audience of directors


DSC 0020.JPG


  • Les Carr - University of Southampton
  • David Tarrant - University of Southampton
  • Tim Brody - University of Southampton
  • Patrick McSweeney - University of Southampton
  • Matthew Taylor - University of Southampton
  • Adam Field - University of Southampton

Please add your name ...

  • Ian Stuart - EDINA
  • David McElroy - University of Glasgow
  • Dawid Pachla - University of Glasgow
  • Chris Yocum - EDINA

Packages of Interest

DON'T TOUCH: Shelves, Coverpage, REF, eNova, Kultivate