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Welcome to the Bazaar Bounties page where you can find information about pre-release competitions relating to the EPrints Bazaar.

Bounty 1 - Amaze Us

  • Aim: Show us something that can be done via a Bazaar package which will amaze us. This could be a killer feature to benefit the whole community, something pretty, an entire language translation of EPrints or any other type of plug-in.
  • Prize:
    • First Place: We'll take you to OR2011 in Austin Texas where you'll be on stage presenting your package to the world at the international launch of the EPrints Bazaar Store.
    • Runners Up: Your package will be certificated* free by the EPrints team ready for the launch of the Bazaar Store.
  • Deadline for Entries - March 30th 2011
  • Winner announced - Early April 2011
  • How to enter - Submit your packages to the Bazaar store during February and March next year when we open the store for submissions.


  • In the Import_and_Export_Plug-ins exercise we start to import the epub format into EPrints. Why not complete this exercise fully including flashy abstract page using some of the other guides to help you.
  • Stats modules anyone? EPrints does record all the access log information...
  • Issues reporting modules?
  • Twitter integration?
  • + loads of others

You are not limited in any way and i'm sure you can think of much better extensions than us!

 * Certification will only be granted to those packages which can be certificated as not risky to users and their data.