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EPrints::Update::Views - Update view pages


$c->{browse_views} = [
		id => "year",
		order => "creators_name/title",
		menus => [
				fields => [qw( date;res=year )],
				reverse_order => 1,
				allow_null => 1,
				new_column_at => [10, 10]
		variations => [qw(


Update the browse-by X web pages on demand.


  • id
Set the unique id for the view, which in the URL will be /view/[id]/...
  • dataset = "archive"
Set the dataset id to retrieve records from.
  • menus = [ ... ]
An array of hierarchical menu choices.
  • order = ""
Order matching records by the given field structure.
  • variations = [qw( DEFAULT )]
Add group-bys on additional pages. "DEFAULT" shows all of the records in a list.
  • nolink = 0
Don't show a link to this view from the /view/ page.


  • allow_null = 0
  • fields = [qw( ... )]
  • new_column_at = [x, y]
  • reverse_order = 0
  • mode = "default"
Use "sections" to cause the menu to be broken into sections.
  • open_first_section = 1
Open the first section of the browse menu.


Format is:


Where options is:


If no value is given the option is implicitly 1 (enable).

  • allow_null = 0
Show items that have no value(s) for the selected field.
  • cloud
Render a "Tag Cloud" of links, where the individual links are scaled by their frequency of occurence.
  • cloudmin = 80, cloudmax = 200
Scale cloud tag links by between cloudmin and cloudmax percent from normal text size.
  • first_letter
Implies truncate=1 and first_value.
  • first_value
Only group-by on the first value in a multiple field.
  • jump = none|plain|default
Hide the jump-to links, render just the links or render as a phrase ('Update/Views:jump_to').
  • tags
Treat the field value as a comma or semi-colon separated list of values.
  • truncate = n
Truncate the value to at most n characters.



$filename = update_view_file( $repo, $langid, $localpath, $uri )

This is the function which decides which type of view it is:

  * the main menu of views
  * the top level menu of a view
  * the sub menu of a view
  * a page within a single value of a view

Does not update the file if it's not needed.

Pseudo-Views Class


$desc = $view->name

Returns a human-readable name of this view (for debugging).


$view->update_view_by_path( %opts )

Updates the view source files.


  on_write - callback called with the filename written
  langid - language to write
  do_menus - suppress generation of menus
  do_lists - suppress generation of lists


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This file is part of EPrints http://www.eprints.org/.
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