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EPrints::Apache - Generates Apache configuration for EPrints repository archives.

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Generates Apache configuration in both cfg/apache/ and cfg/apache_ssl/ for the archives instantiated for this EPrints repository. Determined by the configuration defined in each archive's cfg/cfg.d/10_core.pl.

Additional non-SSL configuration can be added to the archive's cfg/apachevhost.conf. <VirtualHost> for SSL configuration should be defined in an archive's ssl/securevhost.conf.

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$conf = EPrints::Apache::apache_conf( $repo )

Generate and return the <VirtualHost> declaration for this repository.

N.B. Apache v2.4 introduced some new API for access-control which deprecates the former Order allow,deny directive. Apache's version by testing if mod_authz_core.c is available (that module was added in 2.4).

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