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= Input Form Components =
== Field Components ==
=== Field Component ===
The Field component is the default component type, and is capable of rendering a single field. It contains a single configuration line, consisting of a <field> element structured like this:
  <field ref="monograph_type" required="yes" />
The ref attribute is required, and indicates which metafield is handled by the component (in this case, 'monograph_type'). The required attribute is not required, but if set the component will not allow the flow to proceed without a value being entered. The component title and help are both taken from the metafield configuration.
=== Field::Multi Component ===
The Field::Multi component is similar to the Field component, but allows for several fields to be combined into a single space. For example, publication information could incorporate journal name, ISSN, issue number, volume, and a page range. The configuration, therefore, has a list of multiple fields as well as a title and help element for the group. If no help element is provided, the help of all the fields is combined and used.
<component type="Field::Multi">
  <title>Publication Details</title>
  <field ref="pagerange" />
  <field ref="book_title" required="yes" />
  <field ref="volume" />
=== Upload Component ===
=== Subject Component ===
== Other Components ==
=== XHTML Component ===
=== PlaceHolder Component ===

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