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Upgrade from 3.3.13 to 3.3.14

You can upgrade to 3.3.14 from 3.3.13 without re-install EPrints.

Download the upgrade patch file: http://files.eprints.org/1027/10/upgrade-3.3.13-3.3.14.patch

Become eprints user and go to eprints installation directory:

sudo su eprints
cd /opt/eprints3

Check if you are on version 3.3.13:


Apply the patch only if you are on 3.3.13

patch -p1 < ./upgrade-3.3.13-3.3.14.patch

You can safely ignore the missing debian related files during patch by press "Enter". This is due to the patch generated by git.

Restart apache to take effect.