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Adding a twitter channel to eprints is dead easy.

First set up a twitter account for your repository.

Add the following to a .pl file in cfg.d/

Add the username and password for the account.

 $c->{eprint_status_change} = sub
        my( $eprint, $old_status, $new_status ) = @_;

        if( $new_status eq "archive" )
                my $twitter_username="username";
                my $twitter_password="password";
                my $cmd1 = "curl -s '".$eprint->get_url."'";
                my $shorturl = `$cmd1`;
                my $title = $eprint->get_value( "title" );
                $title =~ s/'/\\'/g;
                my $cmd2 = "curl --basic -s --user $twitter_username:$twitter_password --data status='$title - $shorturl'";
                `$cmd2 &`;

Add your twitter to the list: