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The Tweepository plugin enables the repository to harvest a stream of tweets from a twitter search.

Installation Prerequisites

The following perl libraries must be installed on the server before the Bazaar package will function.



Install through the EPrints Bazaar


To create a new tweetstream, click on 'Manage Records', then on 'Twitter Feed', and then on the 'Create new Item' button. A new tweetstream object will be created, and you will need to enter two parameters:

Tweepository create.png

  • Search String: Passed directly to Twitter as the search parameter.
  • Expiry Date: The date on which to stop harvesting this stream.

Once these fields have been completed, click 'Save and Return'.


At 32 minutes past each hour, the tweepository package will harvest each stream. No harvesting is done on creation, to the tweetstream will initially be empty. Tweets will be processed to:

  • extract hashtags
  • extract mentioned users
  • resolve URL redirects

These data will across all tweets will be summarised in the tweetstream objects.

Viewing a Tweetstream

To view a tweetstream, click on 'Manage Records', then 'Twitter Feed':

Tweepository manage.png

The above screen shows a list of all twitter streams that the logged in user has access to. Clicking on the view icon (the magnifying glass) will bring up the view screen, which shows all metadata set on this twitter feed. At the top of the page will be a link to the tweetstream's page. It will be of the form:

Below is an example of a tweetstream page: