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=== Video===
=== Video===
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====Notes, Errata and Additional Information====
====Notes, Errata and Additional Information====
Any notes, version information, errata, etc concerned with this video
* EPrints 3.3.14
* EPrints 3.3.14

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A walkthrough of some common issues with search in EPrints, including checking and starting the indexer, and reindexing the repository.

What You Will Learn

  • How to identify search errors
  • How to troubleshoot simple issues as an administrator
  • How to investigate and resolve more complex issues as a system administrator

What You Should Already Know

To identify errors, check status and start the indexer (basic)

  • Familiarity with EPrints Admin interface

To resolve other search issues (advanced)

  • Familiarity with command line interface for EPrints tools
  • Familiarity with MySQL



The Video can be found at http://youtu.be/iIRB7HeSHek.


The Video

Notes, Errata and Additional Information

  • EPrints 3.3.14
  • Ubuntu 15.04

Test Yourself

More Reading