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This page is part of the EPrints Manual. Please be careful when editing it. Do not add questions to this page.

       intro => "Introduction",
       reqsoftware => "Required Software",
       installation => "How to Install EPrints (and get started)",
       structure => "EPrints Structure and Terms",
       configeprints => "Configuring the System",
       configarchive => "The Archive Configuration Files",
       metadata => "Configuring the Archive Metadata",
       functions => "Configuring the functions of an Archive",
       howto => "How-To Guides",
       troubleshooting => "Troubleshooting",
       backup => "Backing-Up your System",
       contact => "Problems, Questions and Feedback",
       vlit => "VLit Transclusion Support",
       updating => "Updating from Previous Versions",
       history => "EPrints History (and Future Plans)",
       logo => "The EPrints Logo",