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There will sometimes be requirements to exclude EPrints from handling requests that are on a certain path. A good example of this is if you are setting up Shibboleth authentication.

To prevent EPrints from trying to handle a request for a specific path you will need to add this path to a configuration file for your archive's cfg/cfg.d/ directory or if you have multiple archives on the same EPrints instance in site_lib/cfg/cfg.d/. This file should have the following contents, where resource is the path you do not want EPrints to handle:

push @{$c->{rewrite_exceptions}}, "/resource/";

As well as ignoring requests for /resource/ it will also ignore and requests under this path (e.g. /resource/thing).

Once you have finished editing this file, you only need to reload the webserver to load the rewrite exception. You should not need to run generate_apacheconf. If you have not already modified your non-EPrints Apache webserver configuration (e.g. in /etc/httpd/conf.d/) then if you now request the path in the exception you will get an Apache not found error page rather than an EPrints one. You can then modify your Apache webserver configuration. Maybe a bit like Shibboleth authentication.

See Also

  • Custom handlers - Useful if you have Perl handlers separate to the main EPrints codebase (e.g. Pure's PDA handler) that you want to integrate with EPrints.