New Features in EPrints 3.2.1

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Please read Upgrading 3.1 to 3.2 before attempting to upgrade your repository from 3.1 to 3.2.

(This page is currently an unofficial, we're using it to keep track of what needs documenting etc.)

  • Added EPrints::Const module for eprints constants
  • Triggers refined to use EPrints::Const for the trigger type ($c->add_trigger and $c->add_dataset_trigger)
  • Reworked eprint item control page UI
  • New way of configuring apache
  • epadmin now accepts a list of eprintids for recommit, reindex & reorder
  • Change to using repository in function calls etc.
  • New cookie/redirect/check login
  • Bugfixes
  • Remove failed as well as inprogress tasks on --clear
  • Made the eprint_status filters a user preference on the Items screen
  • Added --respawn option to indexer to control respawn timeout
  • counters now shows the indexer status (for nagios etc.)
  • /cgi/export can now export any dataset with the correct priv
  • Added export priv.
  • Admin:Config:Edit screen now does syntax highlighting
  • Added 'codeview' javascript widget to admin config file editing

Semantic Web Support

  • RDF+XML Format
  • N3 Format
  • NTriples format
  • URIs for all objects, including non dataobjs. eg. Authors, Events, Locations.
  • BIBO Ontology
  • Extendable
  • URIs now use content negotiation to decide which export plugin to redirect to, based on mime-types supplied by plugins and the "accept" header.
  • Relations between eprints and documents
  • Base URI for repository /id/repository leads to RDF describing the repository in voID and bibo
  • URI for subject trees links to RDF in skos for each tree