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The MultiLang plugins introduces multiple language support in EPrints fields. The specific plugin replaces title and abstract fields with their multilanguage version (ml_title and ml_abstract respectively), but this wiki-page will explain how one can achieve this functionality in other EPrints fields as well.

Installation Prerequisites



Install through the EPrints Bazaar

How the plugin works

In order to introduce a new field in EPrints (such as the ml_title field), a few things need to take place:

  • The field's name and functionality needs to be introduced to the EPrints system via a configuration file located in ~eprints/archives/<reponame>/cfg/cfg.d/.
  • EPrints' database needs to be updated to include the new field. This is achieved when user eprints executes (from his home directory):
$ ./bin/epadmin update reponame
  • The appropriate phrases need to be added for each field and for each supported language.
  • The workflow needs to be edited in order to contain the new fields - and not include the original ones.
  • The repository needs to be reloaded, by running:
$ ./bin/epadmin reload reponame

within eprints' home directory.