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(Editing the workflow)
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== Editing the workflow ==
== Editing the workflow ==
<source lang="html4strict">
<component><field ref="ml_title" required="yes"/></component>

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The MultiLang plugins introduces multiple language support in EPrints fields. The specific plugin replaces title and abstract fields with their multilanguage version (ml_title and ml_abstract respectively). The wiki-page explaining how one can add custom multilang-fields in EPrints -which basically explains how this plugin was created- is Adding multilang fields.

Installation Prerequisites



Install through the EPrints Bazaar

How to use the plugin

Once the plugin has been installed, the user needs to edit the workflow to contain the multilingual fields' versions instead of the default ones. This procedure is explained in MultiLang Fields Bazaar Package#How_the_plugin_works section.

Editing the workflow

<component><field ref="ml_title" required="yes"/></component>