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We've used the following terms (note different use of "profile"):

Profile - similar to abstract page - public-facing page providing (admin-customisable) information _about_ the user

Homepage - replaces the current EPrints "Profile" page - internal page providing (user-customisable) information _to_ the user

This seems to be the Facebook convention.

Overview of AllAboutMePrints features


(Note: please see also attached documents for further details)

1) Additional user metadata

A few extra useful defaults: expertise, qualifications, biography

divisions - uses the same hierarchy as eprint.divisions (thinking is keep dept/org for external users but divisions for internal users)

2) Public user search

New cgi/search_users added with corresponding Screen::Public::UserSearch

3) Public user browse

Update::Views modified so that you can specify the dataset in (assumes eprint dataset if none specified)

4) Public user profile pages

New bin/generate_userprofiles script, generate_static() added to DataObj::User.

Repository admin can define which content (see Widgets - below) is displayed on the profile page - same for all user for consistency.

Note change to Apache::Rewrite to allow nice profile URLs

5) Internal user homepage

Replaces Screen::User::View.

This screen lays out a number of content "widgets" (currently simple 2 column layout).

Users will see a list of available widgets and add them to their homepage (like items_fields and review_fields, there will be a user metadata field for storing the user's layout preferences). Users will also be able to move the widgets around on the screen and remove widgets.

6) Profile content "widgets"

Stored in EPrints/Plugin/Widget/

Currently widgets just have a render_content method and get rendered using a Box-like surround.

Current widgets include:

  • User details **
  • Available user actions **
  • User picture
  • Latest Items in archive
  • Issues with items owned by this user
  • Quick Upload (creates new record in inbox)
  • Most popular items (queries access dataset)

Planned widgets include:

  • Latest comments (SNEEP integration)
  • IRStats mini-dashboard
  • Latest activity eg. recently edited items, rejected items
  • .. suggestions?
    • these 2 widgets constitute the minimal information display of the current EPrints. We plan that these will always appear in a fixed position (alongside the user photo) on the Homepage and not be removable.