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Welcome to the EPrints Wiki

The content of this site is technical only. For more information on the EPrints project, visit

  • The Plan - What we're working on, what we're planning next and so forth...

EPrints Wiki

If you wish to edit this wiki, please contact the eprints support at with your username, email address and the password you want to use. Web-based registration is closed due to high levels of spam.



Scripts, patches and translations

  • EPrints on EPrints - the EPrints Files repository is the place to share scripts, patches and translations. This is also the place where releases of EPrints itself will be archived.
  • Files/ Wiki pages about scripts and patches. There isn't a page for every script or patch.
  • Translating EPrints into your language.
  • How to contribute

Tips, tricks and howtos


Getting Support

EPrints Projects

  • IRRA - Supporting the UK research assessment processes through institutional repositories