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* [[Installing]] EPrints on various platforms or in non-standard ways
* [[Installing]] EPrints on various platforms or in non-standard ways
* Howto..
** [[Integrating EPrints with LDAP|integrate with LDAP]]
** [[CAS|integrate with CAS]]
** [[Howtos|more..]]

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Welcome to the EPrints Wiki

The content of this site is technical only. For more information on the EPrints project, visit http://eprints.org/

We are currently in the process of moving information from the Old Wiki.


Scripts, patches and translations

  • EPrints on EPrints - the EPrints Files repository is the place to share scripts, patches and translations. This is also the place where releases of EPrints itself will be archived.
  • Translating EPrints into your language.

Tips, tricks and howtos


Getting Support

EPrints Projects

  • IRRA - Supporting the UK research assessment processes through institutional repositories