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RPMs can be obtained from
RPMs can be obtained from

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Gdome is the Gnome DOM engine, and aims to provide compatibility with all of DOM2 and some of DOM3 XPath. In eprints XML::GDOME is recommended as it's faster and uses much less RAM.

The article deals with missing glib-config in Fedora Core 3. (May be true for other versions of Fedora also).

The following RPMs are to installed for GDOME


RPMs can be obtained from


To install login as 'root' and execute the command given below:

rpm -Uvh gdome2-0.8.1-1.i386.rpm gdome2-devel-0.8.1-1.i386.rpm

Fix the bug in gdome-config (already mentioned in Eprints2-wiki Installation on Readhat Enterprise Edition4)

To see the bug run

gdome-config --libs

As root edit /usr/bin/gdome-config

Around line 88 find these two lines:

the_libs="$the_libs -L${exec_prefix}/lib -lgdome ` --libs` `xml2-config --libs`"
the_flags="$the_flags -I${prefix}/include -I${prefix}/include/libgdome ` --cflags` `xml2-config --cflags`"

change them to this:

the_libs="$the_libs -L${exec_prefix}/lib -lgdome `/usr/bin/glib-config --libs` `xml2-config --libs`"
the_flags="$the_flags -I${prefix}/include -I${prefix}/include/libgdome `/usr/bin/glib-config --cflags` `xml2-config --cflags`"

If the following error occurs:

No such file or directory /usr/bin/glib-config 
No such file or directory /usr/bin/glib-config

This means there is no glib-config file in Fedora Core 3.

By default Fedora Core 3 has glib2-2.4.7-1, which doesn't seems to have glib-config.


To install GDOME we need to check for glib-config.

glib-config is available in glib1.2-devel.xxx (glib-devel is needed to install XML::Gdome)

We can get glib1.2-devel rpm from


Then Install XML::GDOME

XML::GDOME is a perl module that provides the DOM Level 2 Core API for accessing XML documents. It provides a XS wrapper around the gdome2 library.