How to modify static pages

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The static web pages are created by combining the .xpage files from /opt/eprints3/archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg/lang/en/static/ with the site template. The template can be found at opt/eprints3/archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg/lang/en/templates. This is what generate_static does.

Generate static also copies all files which do not have the suffix .xpage from /opt/eprints3/archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg/lang/en/static/

Non-language specific files go in the /opt/eprints3/archives/ARCHIVEID/cfg directory and appear on the website no matter what language the site is in. eg. images and the style sheet.

Obviously french source files go in cfg/lang/fr/ etc.

Edit the .xpage file (or other file in /static/)

Run generate_static ARCHIVEID