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What operating systems can we use?

EPrints should work on any UNIX operating system. We use Redhat Enterprise Linux. It will work on OSX but that takes a bit more effort (although there's a how-to somewhere... link anyone?)

It will not run under Microsoft Windows and we have no plan to change this.

What computer do we need?

Any new PC is easily powerful enough. Suggested minimum spec. for a live service: 1gig RAM, 20gig Harddrive, 1GHz+ processor.

How much will it cost to set up?

Most of the costs are staff time. Equipment costs are a PC, an internet connection and a BACKUP STRATEGY. Please remember to budget for backups.

EPrints, and all the other software required to make it work, are available for no cost. At some point in the future EPrints may offer some pay-services, but the core software will remain zero cost and freely available to all.

See How much will it cost?

How much diskspace will we need?

Proabably about 2 megabytes per eprint. At the time of writing a 120GB drive costs 50 pounds. That drive would hold approximately 60000 eprints.

See also: Detailed disk usage statistics.