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EPrints 3.0

Released 24th January 2007.



Feedback and bug reports may be sent to (The Lead Developer). I suggest that an initial bug report is kept quite short as we already have a big list. If I don't already know about it, I'll ask for more info.

Things added since 3.0-RC-1

* Security fix to autocomplete scripts.
* Fix to bug on initial login.
* Fixed bug in rolling logs in the Indexer.
* Added import plugin for log data.
* Added $current_lang to available data in eprint script.
* Moved more code into platform module (to support multiple OS platforms)
* Used TeX::Encode to provide some handling of accented characters in
   BibTeX import.
* Added "remove user" action.
* Added additional metadata fields for new types.
* Some security fixes in plugins.

Upgrading from EPrints 3.0-RC-1 or RC-2

* This is a simple upgrade. You don't need to do anything complicated.