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EPrints version 2.3 to 3.0 migration toolkit

Download at:

Currently v0.1



on your EPrints 2.3 system will generate a directory called ARCHIVEID_ep3cfg which will contain some cfg files for EPrints 3.0 and a notes.txt file with some additional comments in.

What the current version doesn't do, but later releases should

  • citations
  • searches
  • views
  • export script to export in the EPrints 3.0 XML import format (including files). (this is nearly complete).
  • spotting issues it can't handle and at least giving some advice on what needs to be done by hand
  • converting document types into mime types would be nice, to make it more EPrints 3 ish.

What the toolkit will (probably) never do

These will need to be done by hand

  • handling for render_single type options in fields
  • copying the template (you're better off re-doing it, as so many options have changed)
  • the ArchiveRenderConfig methods will need porting, but that shouldn't be *too* hard, we've put in a hell of a lot of back compatability methods to smooth this.
  • custom bits like LDAP based login
  • You'll probably want to tweak the workflow to use the new features like autocomplete and multifield components etc.